Legal Research at WazanaLaw

Legal research is at the heart of good lawyering, regardless of what kind of law you practice. Research is the foundation for an argument, and law is all about making an argument.

Having completed an Honours B.A. in Psychology, a Master’s of Education, a Master’s of Social Work and a Law Degree, I have honed my research skills through diligent work. This academic edge gives me an advantage in my work, which is heavily informed by social science studies and human rights reports. Knowing where to find this information quickly is crucial to the work that I do.

At WazanaLaw, you will find the links to some of the most useful research sites on the Internet, for you to use in your work or studies. I also offer my services as a legal researcher in immigration and refugee law, for lawyers, foreigners and recent immigrants.

Given the time and skills needed to carry out effective result-producing research, it often makes sense to parcel out the work to someone who knows where to get the information quickly.

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