Live-In Caregiver Program

It is a sad reality that is some parts of the world, economic circumstances are so dire that women have few options for sustaining their family but to leave their family and their own children in order to come to Canada and care for Canadian children. This program, called the Live-in Caregiver Program, affords these women the opportunity to work for two years as a condition for applying for permanent residence.

The requirement to live with the employer is crucial as the government has recognized that although there are numerous women already in Canada willing to work as caregivers, few are willing to live with their employers. Sounds easy? It rarely is, as complications often arise.

At WazanaLaw, I have made a conscious decision to work with caregivers who are in Canada and abroad, as opposed to working for employers who wish to hire these women. In my experience, I have seen too many women’s dreams be shattered when they are informed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that they do not qualify for permanent residence because part of their time working for their employer was spent outside of Canada, something which they are never warned about.

I will offer my services to ensure that women know what their obligation and responsibilities are as live-in caregivers, and assist them in applying for permanent residence in order to reunite them with their families abroad.