Economic Class

Simplified Process
As of September 1, 2006, CIC has implemented a Simplified Process for most immigrants applying under the Economic Class.

In the past, applicants had to submit their application forms with fees and documentation at the time that their file was submitted, with the obvious result that by the time the visa office was ready to assess the file, often five years later, much of the documentation was out of date and had to be resubmitted. Now, most applicants simply have to submit an application form and the requisite fee in order to hold their place in line. When the visa office is ready to begin assessing your file, you will be notified and instructed to send in all supporting documentation.

Exempt from this procedure are those with legal status in Canada as a student or worker, and applying to the Buffalo or any other U.S. visa office, those who have an offer of Arranged Employment as part of their application, those applying as Provincial nominees, and those with legal status in the U.S. and applying through the Buffalo visa office.

To find out more about he Simplified Process, go here.

Skilled Worker
Skilled Workers are independent immigrants who qualify for immigration based on a point system (link for self-assessment on CIC web site). Currently, the pass mark is 67 points out of 100. You are assessed under categories like education, language skills, work experience, age and adaptability.

One of the challenges is ensuring that your work experience was obtained in the last ten years and is listed under the category of Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (link for assessing work experience). If your work experience was not obtained under the required NOC categories or is older than ten years, your application will be refused.

To qualify under the Entrepreneur class, you must have business experience, be willing to establish a business in Canada soon after your arrival, employ at least one Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, and have a legally obtained net worth of at least $300,000.00. To find out whether you meet you meet the requirements, you can obtain further information here.

To qualify as an Investor, you must have significant business experience, have a legally obtained net worth of at least $800,000.00 and be willing to invest $400,000.00. The investment is administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in order to create jobs and help the economy grow. Meanwhile, you forgo the interest on the investment for five years, but are guaranteed the investment, without interest, five years and two months after making the deposit. To find out whether you meet you meet the requirements, you can obtain further information here.

To qualify as a Self-Employed applicant, you must have relevant experience in culture, athletics or farm management, and can show that you will make a significant contribution to Canada’s cultural or athletic life, or purchase and manage a farm in Canada. To find out whether you qualify under this category, you can obtain further information here.

Provincial Nominee
More information here.